things.jpgI have decided to share with you my favorite things that I have found to be very useful or effective. Disclaimer: I was not paid nor was I asked to advertise these products.

In no particular order, here are 5 of my favorite things:

  1. Elevate- that is an app that lets you train your brain. It is completely free for Android and IPhone users. All you need is to take 10-15 minutes of your time daily to play 3 games. Now, when I say “games” I don’t actually mean games, its more of exercise. There are 5 areas that they help you work on- writing, listening, speaking, reading, and math. What I like about the app is that it is really effective, at least for me. After having played few days in a row, I find myself thinking clearly and recalling the things I have learned in the app during my day to day activities. I have had this app for years, still love it.
  2. “Bang” Bathroom & Shower cleaner. It works like magic! I have discovered this product yesterday when I had to clean dog puke off the carpet. The big yellow spot disappeared really fast, I was amazed.
  3. Another app that I am a big fan of is Glow (or Eve its the same thing). It’s for ladies, a period tracker. I like it because it is user friendly, you can back up your data, and it is pretty accurate (for me personally).
  4. Dybar 3 day bender (hair curler) and Drybar hair flat iron. I’ve had both of those for a year now, and I am still loving it. Now, the hair curler is tricky because its not your typical curler. It has a twisting barrel, which lets you curl hair without twisting your hands. It is not a product for someone who is impatient because it does take a while to figure out a strategy that works best for you to use it. Once I learned how to use it, the time of the process of curling my hair was cut in half.
  5. Next item on my list is a website- http://www.themaestonedesigns.com/                 Mae Stone designs offer cool, modern home décor, and accessories for a low cost. Whenever I get my own place, I will definitely buy bunch of stuff from there!

Check back once in a while because I will add more items to this list.



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