Faded Motivation

Sometimes I have days when I feel really inspired and motivated to do something great with myself. Usually, it involves working towards accomplishing the mini goals that I have set for myself. The motivation always comes spontaneously, in a middle of a day when I’m scrolling through social media for example. Unfortunately, that motivation lasts only a couple of hours, and then the lazy part of me takes over.

I never like the lazy side of me, I assume nobody does, but for some reason, it is the strongest side. I always feel REALLY good about myself when I accomplish a goal or a task on my To Do list. Delayed gratification always appealed to me, yet I can’t seem to put it to practice.  I look at people my age who have accomplished a lot more than me and I start to beat up that unmotivated side of self that has persuaded me to binge watch Netflix instead of doing something productive.

This forces me to think long and hard about how I spend my time. This new 2017 year should be different than last year, I promised myself that it would be. I decided to a web search and explore how can a person be more productive. Here is what I found:

#1. Do the hardest, and most challenging tasks first. Complete the challenging tasks before lunch, while your brain is fresh.

#2. Get an early start. Starting your day early is a good idea because the earlier you start, the more you will accomplish.

#3. Cut your To-do list in a half. Put essential tasks on the list first; if you have more time that day after accomplishing all of the things on your list, create more tasks.

#4. Reward yourself or take a short break after each task.

Starting this week, I will try to follow these suggestions and see if they help me get motivated and accomplish what I put on my to-do list.



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