Stranger Attraction

Summer time. You walk into a coffee shop and order your “usual”. You sit down and wait for your friend to come join you. He is running late again. So you decide to look around the familiar hipster-style coffee shop. All of the sudden, you notice a beautiful girl sitting nearly across from you. You want to act cool, but you can’t help but look at her. She notices your attention and you exchange glances. Your friend finally comes. He blocks your view.  You try to listen to your friend, but all you can do is think of the ways to get to meet this girl. Suddenly, the girl stands up and leaves. Just like that, she remains just a stranger at a coffee shop.

Days go by, but you still think about her. Who was that girl and what’s her story? You can’t help but wonder what could have been, had you had the courage to go up and meet her. You remember her eyes.

Autumn. You walk into a coffee shop. As you walk in The Girl is coming toward you. You make eye contact. She smiles. You say nothing. She says nothing also. She exits the building.

You think to yourself ” there is no way she recognized me”. You try to come up with excuses for why you didn’t make conversation with her. Another missed opportunity…

Winter Time. You walk into a hipster coffee shop. You order your “usual” and sit down. Again, you’re waiting for your friend to get there. The Girl walks in. She has dark hair color now. You like it, it makes her eyes stand out even more. You make eye contact. She sits down on the other side of the room. People keep walking by, blocking your view. Your friend walks in and starts talking to you. You look at the girl, wondering if she’s looking at you. You see that somebody is talking to her. You realize it’s somebody you know. Your friend asks you what is up with you, you seem distracted. You tell the whole story.

This is my chance, you think to yourself. Your friend encourages you to go and talk with The Girl and the acquaintance.  You do so.

You feel nervous. You come up and exchange greetings with your acquaintance. He introduces you to Her.  She shakes your hand and smiles slightly. All three of you exchange small talk and your acquaintance says he has to go. You feel a sense of disappointment. He leaves. It feels awkward. You say that you have to get back to your other friend. She says that it was nice to meet you and that it’s time for her to leave too. You walk off. She leaves the building. You wonder if you’ll ever see her again.


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