Heart Filled with Nostalgia

Have you ever moved to a place completely different from where you grew up- away from familiar people, place, and atmosphere? I have.

At first, everything is new and exciting. You are intrigued by what is to come. New people, new house, new culture. Time passes, and the new is beginning to wear off. One day you realize that the new is not better than where you used to be. You begin to romanticize about the past and think of all the fond memories you have of that place.  The thoughts of what life you would have if you stayed behind, fills your mind.

Sadly, the place where you grew up changed as much as you have.  What you remember is no longer there. People change. Your old friends have moved on, found new friendships. The promises you gave to each other to keep in touch and never forget one another have faded away. Now, all that is left, are birthday wishes and occasional “how are you” that don’t end up going anywhere in the conversation. The streets where you grew up also don’t look the same. New buildings have been added, new roads have been paved, and what you used to know is no longer there. When nostalgia hits, it’s best not to reminisce. The only time reminiscing is okay, is when you’re surrounded by people who can relate and will do it with you. Never do it alone.

The place where you used to live and where you live now doesn’t make you happy, and it shouldn’t.  Your circumstances or living situation shouldn’t indicate your happiness. Happiness is not a place on a map, it’s a place in your heart.

“There is a reason why the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror”


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