I Don’t Know Myself

This was the most difficult post for me to write, I had to get really honest with myself and dig down deep. It had to be done though. One challenge that everyone experiences at least once in their life is trying to discover oneself. For me, that time came in my 20's. During my teens, I … Continue reading I Don’t Know Myself


Heart Filled with Nostalgia

Have you ever moved to a place completely different from where you grew up- away from familiar people, place, and atmosphere? I have. At first, everything is new and exciting. You are intrigued by what is to come. New people, new house, new culture. Time passes, and the new is beginning to wear off. One … Continue reading Heart Filled with Nostalgia


I have decided to share with you my favorite things that I have found to be very useful or effective. Disclaimer: I was not paid nor was I asked to advertise these products. In no particular order, here are 5 of my favorite things: Elevate- that is an app that lets you train your brain. It … Continue reading Favorites